Friday, October 06, 2006

I must start carrying my camera so that I will have pictures to go with these stories. Today at lunch I met Jack. In fact, I ate lunch with Jack from Thailand and Paul from Canada. Jack is the only student here from Thailand. He is a part of the Compassion DTS. He will be studying Discipleship and Missions for the next three months and then traveling for two months to Africa to work with children afflicted by the AIDS epidemic.

Jack is from a village in Northwest Thailand. His entire family is Buddhist. When he was in college in Bangkok, he met some Christians from Atlanta, Georgia who were a part of Campus Outreach. They came to the University when he was a freshman, but he avoided them when he learned they were there to tell people about Jesus. When they returned the next year, he saw their joy and he thought he could at least practice his English. So, he got to know them.

In the course of the time of getting to know them, they asked him if he thought he needed Jesus. He realized that he did. With their leadership, he asked Christ into his life. After college, he would travel two hours to Bangkok to go to church because there were no churches in his community. His dad still doesn't know he is a Christian. He now is continuing his growth and education here in Kona, preparing to carry the gospel of Jesus Christ to Africa.

It is humbling to see a young man willing to forsake his family, his community and his country for the cause of Christ. He has given up much to follow Jesus, but to see his excitement and humility was inspiring. Pray for Jack as he continues to learn what it means to follow Jesus and for his ministry to the families he will be meeting in Africa. As I learn more about where all the Compassion DTS will be going I will write more.

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