Thursday, November 02, 2006


Missions. What is it? Can you be a missionary even though your career, drive, giftings, passions, etc. aren't for preaching, singing, and teaching the bible? Check out this website: Kona I.T.

The Kona I.T. department is all about serving missions globally with information systems and technology. As you might imagine, every organization in the 21st Century has a huge need for people gifted with computer skills, whether programming or otherwise. As a result, one family came to the University of the Nations over 3 years ago to build an IT department that could support the campus. Chong Ho and Kris Won (and their three young children) left their 8000 square foot home in Maryland, just outside Washington, D.C., and began volunteering (making no money) for the University of the Nations. In the past 3 years he has built a department of 12 people, implemented several new systems, all of which communicate together, and developed a global vision that is amazing and God glorifying!

The picture above is of a computer lab that one of his team put together in South Africa. Now, the IT Department is looking to build additional labs all around the world. Why? Because they can put these labs into impoverished communities, teaching computer and job skills to the people, and help the local people develop skills that will bring prosperity to their communities. Meanwhile, they will be sharing Christ with the people and giving them an ability to improve the quality of their lives while teaching them about eternal life, joy, and hope.

Now, most of the year, the people who serve as IT professionals at the University of the Nations in Kona will be working on the big Island of Hawaii doing exactly what they may be doing now, developing and maintaining software and systems for businesses, but, as God directs, they will also take those skills to places like South Africa, Fiji, other African nations, China, and other places around the globe. This is an amazing vision that we can all get excited about. (John and Jeff Parker, what do you think???!!!)

Please pray for Chong Ho and his team. As you look at their website, consider whether you could support them. Remember that many of these professionals could make in one hour of consulting in the states their staff fees for one month of food here in Kona ($250.00). Yet, they have given up that kind of income to come and support the work of the Great Commission here and are now working solely as volunteers. Also, if you have computer skills at all, consider coming to Kona and participate in the IT Discipleship Training School that will begin in January. When it may be 30 degrees or lower wherever you are, it will be 80 here.


Dorcas Hawker said...

Bryan -

When I got to the end of this post and you said "consider how you can support them" I was overwhelmed by your heart for missions. Because I know that you are raising support also for the work you do, and for you to so unselfishly pass on the stories of others as you have been doing, well ... it humbles me. It takes a lot of faith to focus more on the work than on grabbing your piece of the mission funding pie ... at least it would take a lot of faith for me.

You and your family are an inspiration to me. I know it sounds trite ... but true nonetheless.

John Parker said...

I've known Bryan for many years and he has always had great faith in God. And that's what it takes to do what he and his family is doing; serving the Lord and having faith in Him to provide the means to survive in today's world. Visit Bryan's ministry website at FJ Ministries and consider supporting him, his family and the Lord.

I'm at a point in my life where I feel like I'm finally growing in my faith with God. After thirty some-odd years I've finally learned how to listen when God is speaking to me. When Bryan told me he was quitting his Fortune 500 job to go into ministry for the Lord, I knew I was going to support him but didn't know exactly how until God revealed His plan. I work in IT and through the use of my skills I am helping Bryan build his ministry through the use of technology and the Internet.

The Lord continues to call me into service but I feel like I'm lead to serve locally right now. As I continue to build my relationship with the Lord I know some day He will call me to serve abroad. I pray my faith will be as strong as Bryan's is right now!

Bryan Riley said...

I definitely don't want to sound trite either, but God clearly is the creator of wealth, and His power is unlimited. The only thing that really is limited is our faith. If God calls you to soemthing, He will make a way for you and we shouldn't consult our wallets for a determination of whether we can do it. That would be called going to Mammon, and no one can serve two masters.

As for my own faith, I see more and more each day how often I walk by sight and not by faith. That I haven't really lived Proverbs 3:5-6, but, like the disciples, I am praying that Jesus will increase my faith.