Thursday, December 14, 2006

This season of serving at the University of the Nations is coming to a close. We board our plane from Kona to Fayetteville, Arkansas tonight at 11:59 p.m. Hawaiian time (3:59 a.m. CST). We have been so blessed not just by great sunsets while here, but also by incredible relationships with people like Chong Ho and Kris Won, Nick and Jen Greener, Ben and Angie Wicks, Holger and Jillie Schein, Loren Cunningham, John and Sonja Randerson, Paul and Lynette Randerson, Josh Harmsworth, Tyler Johnson, Andy Huddleston and so many others. Our children have been discipled through our time together and by excellent schools, dedicated to teaching them to follow Jesus. We have worked on a number of projects and hope that our time here hasn't just been a blessing to us, but that we have blessed the University of the Nations. Most of all, God has renewed our faith and restored in us the joy of our salvation. We pray it becomes more and more manifest in our daily lives.

We know not yet where we will be come Spring of 2007, but we are praying about that earnestly and fervently. We have always wondered if God would release us to do our training in our home state, and that is still possible, but there are other opportunities of which we are becoming aware.

YWAM has an incredible mission and ministry. In our time here we have seen people truly seeking God's direction for their lives. The teaching is sound and the desire to see people hear and know the gospel of Jesus Christ is strong. Pray for YWAM. Pray for the gospel to be carried throughout the world. And please pray that we will not forget the lessons God has taught us here as we prepare to carry out our ministry.


Alan Cross said...

Changing seasons . . . always an interesting time. God seems to be even more evident when we transition from one field to another. Your recent comments on the other blogs have blessed me over the past couple of weeks. I've sensed that God has been doing something extraordinary in your life. It seems as though your hunger for Him and a true movement of His Spirit has really grown. May God bless you and direct you.

Debbie said...

Amen to what Alan said Bryan. I have always enjoyed your blog and believe that you are going to end up another extraordinary person that will change the Church and the church for better. :) I know you have changed me by reading you.

Lee said...

I'll be praying for the Lord to show you what he wants. These days, the world comes to our doorstep in our home states. God's blessings to you.

Paul Burleson said...


I've always been blessed by a person who demonstrates a deep hunger for the reality of the Lord in their lives and is open about their struggles toward that reality. May I say to you, at this Christmas season, your are a double blessing to me personally.

May this season find you and your family enjoying each other and the time to it's full potential. Merry Christmas.

Your friend and brother,

Paul B.

molly said...

Wow--big changes. Looking forward to hearing what God has for you next.