Sunday, September 03, 2006


It's 6:00 on Sunday evening and we have a free night...the first one in a while. I'm cooking sausage and pancakes on my famous griddle while typing this story. and, Ok, I will confess, I have been reading Blue Like Jazz. If you haven't read it, do.

So, last Friday I had three appointments lined up, none of them support raising, and then I had a possible lunch set up, again, not a support raising meeting. The first, a meeting with an insurance agent, was set up for 7:30 a.m. I arrived bright and early at his office, but he wasn't there. He had forgotten. We finally were able to get together at 8. Not a big deal, really, but as a result the other meetings I had scheduled at 9 and 10 all had to be pushed back 30 minutes.

About 10, while still at my 9:00 meeting, the 10 o'clock called to see if we should reschedule altogether. I told him that we could still meet at 10:30 if that would be okay. He was fine with that but wanted to change our location. So, we did.

Meanwhile, while I was still wrapping up the original 9:00 meeting, my 10 o'clock was sitting outside a coffee bar sipping a latte of some sort. A fellow church member sees his car, on his way home from work, and stops to chat.

I finally make it there about 10:30 and see that the guy I was meeting is there talking to this person I don't know (yet). In addition, understand that my 10 o'clock meeting is with a guy I haven't seen in 25 years and who also is in full-time ministry/missions. He raises support for his ministry, too.

As I walk up, this other "mystery man" introduces himself ("Mike") and then takes a seat at a nearby table to allow Bill, who is now William, and I to talk. And talk we do. Bill, now William, is one of those guys who just has an almost European flair to him, even though he has been in Arkansas (plus a few countries) for most of his life. If I remember correctly he actually is related to none other than Ken Kesey, the author of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, and also is an accomplished writer himself.

While Euro Bill and I talk, the Holy Spirit is working on the silent Mike. He is a young man, trying to build a business, who has had some difficult times. He drove up in a well loved, dented up vehicle.

Have you ever seen someone who is struggling with doing what he knows in his heart God has spoken to him to do? I mean, just this morning, I was struggling with the fact that i knew God was telling me to go down and pray at the altar during the offering time. I kept thinking, "oh, people will think I am seeking attention," and "I can just bow in my heart right here; it's just a personal thing." But, thankfully, the next words of the song were something about on bended knee, so I managed to push my reluctant body and heart up to the altar to pray.

Mike was battling that same battle. He was fidgety and nervous as he approached us and shared the following. I don't know what all had gone through his head while Bill and I talked for the 20 or so minutes he had been sitting nearby, thumbing through a phone book. Mike shared, "God knows I really struggle with trusting him and especially with money, but I just know I have to give you some." He looked almost like my 5 year old when he has to go potty. :) Bill immediately handed him my newsletter that I had just shown Bill and said, "here's your guy."

The next thing I know Mike is running off to an ATM and bringing me back $80. Why did this happen? How does God work? I don't know, but I am amazed by it. My whole day gets moved back 30 minutes and the location of my final appointment changes at the last minute. As a result, random $80 guy, Mike, shows up just to bless my family with $80. God knew just what both Mike and I needed. I needed manna and Mike needed to obey. And I am so thankful to the Father that his two children, Mike and me, decided to obey on that day.

Now, may I be faithful with what he has entrusted to me.

Have a happy Labor Day.

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